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Some customers have experienced USB drivers problems with the latest Windows 10 update. If you are one of them, just uninstall the Safenet Sentinel Hardware

Sound of Numbers is proud to introduce you the brand new members of the familiy. Three more software tools that will help the

We are introducing the brand new software tool for calculating sound pressure levels indoor. You will be able to make a more precise prediction of

Check out the new requirements capabilities. SONarchitect version 2.2.25 now includes Building Bulletin 93 (UK) scheme parameters.

Feel the acoustic performance of your building with your headphones. Experience the binaural auralisation of SONarchitect ISO 2.3 Take a walk in a

We have created a video tutorial collection with some SONarchitect Lessons. Suscribe to our channels in YouTube and Vimeo. We

Sound of Numbers has been in Madrid, last March 16th and 17th, during the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Enviromental Assessment Methodology) workshop.


1 Feb 2024

SONarchitect v3.2

SONarchitect version 3.2 is released. It includes ISO 19488 Acoustic classification of dwellings standard and UNE 74201.

1 Feb 2024

15 May 2021

SONarchitect v3.1

SONarchitect version 3.1 is released. It includes several improvements like Annex C approximation and SIA parameters.

10 April 2019

SONarchitect v3

SONarchitect version 3 is officially released. ISO 12354:2017 in a brand new platform with new licensing options. 
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10 April 2019

10 September 2018

SONarchitect v2.9 achieved

SONarchitect has been updated with new libraries and platform, faster and compatible with the new operative systems.
This is the previous step to the official SONarchitect v3 release.

10 February 2016

SONarchitect v2.5 released

Version 2.5 includes new environment for Nordic Database.

10 February 2016

9 January 2013

SONarchitect v2.4 released

The new version 2.4 includes new materials and enhanced workflow.

9 July 2012

Nordic Database

The Nordic materials database is now included as an option for SONarchitect users.

9 July 2012

4 April 2011

Auralization 2.0

SONarchitect includes Real time 3D auralization with binaural processing.

19 December 2010

SONarchitect ISO v2

Sound of Numbers releases SONarchitect v2 including new features. 

19 December 2010

10 March 2010

Eganet Award

SONArchitect is one of the finalists at the Egatel yearly awards.

10 January 2010


SONarchitect starts being distributed worldwide.

10 January 2010

20 November 2009

AETG Award

SONarchitect is awarded with the prize Best Software Tool of the Year by the Telecommunication Engineer Association in Galicia, Spain.

26 October 2009

SONarchitect ISO announced

SONarchitect version for EN 12354 is present at Euronoise 2019 Edimburgh

26 October 2009

11 November 2008

Sound of Numbers is born

The team of developers create Sound of Numbers, a spin-off company from University of Vigo

15 October 2008

SONarchitect CTE is released

The first software for sound insulation calculation in buildings according to CTE DB-HR in the entire building is developed by a team of engineers from University of Vigo (Spain).

15 October 2008