Simon Webster

Red Acoustics believes SONarchitect is extremely CleVA...

SONarchitect is at the heart of our CleVA service - Clear Visual Acoustics. Over time, we have realised that our clients don’t want to be over-faced with tables of inaccessible data to interpret before they can understand the acoustic performance of their project.

Through employing SONarchitect in our approach, Red are able to offer an acoustic package of Clear Visual Acoustics (CleVA) allowing our clients to see the same as us. In an instant, a clear, visual acoustic image shows how their potential design, an area of concern or an entire building is performing.

From pre-construction design guidance, to assessing alternative constructions and value engineering remedial measures, the advantages of using SONarchitect are evident.

With an emphasis on the visual, SONarchitect has enabled Red to provide CleVA, accurate acoustic guidance at any stage of the process, facilitating the provision of a fresh new approach to reviewing designs visually with the architect and design team.

Through the use of colour, SONarchitect helps Red to assess the acoustics of a full building accurately, allowing us and the client to see areas of concern immediately – and areas of success. The result is a CleVA, value-engineered design every time.

For Red, it makes Clear, Visual Acoustic sense to use SONarchitect.

Simon Webster