Richard M Ballinger


After having used other software for EN 12354 calculations for many years, it has been a revelation to change to SONarchitect. The possibility of being able to calculate whole buildings with the correct room geometries and junctions selections, all in one working process has reduced calculation uncertainty, made optimisation of building constructions more effective, and given added value for our clients.

On-board extra modules giving the possibility of calculating single and multi-layer constructions as data input to the EN 12354 calculations is a welcome addition, and as it is integrated in the same program, the transition of data between modules is quick and easy.

We have used SONArchitect ISO on a variety of projects including housing, hotels, teaching facilities, offices and industrial buildings and the possibility of making specific requirements for each project type is perfect.

Although a great program - as it does a great deal more and better than other software for EN 12354 calculations - our feedback concerning possible new features has always been appreciated and taken seriously. The staff at SoundOfNumbers have been extremely helpful, quick and highly professional responding to questions and suggestions for further developments.

Richard Ballinger

Ballinger Acoustics (former Chief Specialist at COWI)