José Carlos Giner

New paradigm

The SONarchitect purchasing by Giner has been a paradigm shift in our noise control and acoustic comfort projects, in commercial and specially in residential buildings.

With the brand new Brazilian normative, for residential buildings, we could accelerate the project accomplishment and, more important, simulate various scenarios with different building elements and assist our clients in choosing materials and construction details in a very fast way that meets the performance, at a reasonable cost, currently, a huge value addon of Giner. 

The user inerfaces are very intuitives, in less than two days our engineers started to simulate and generate reports for buildings up to five floors.

User of other similar software tool for more than five years, SONarchitect is a new world in sound insulation calculations for buildings.

We appreciate Sound of Numbers developments and support.


José Carlos Giner

Head Consultant

Giner Sound Vibration